Friday, February 17, 2012

New Mexico Taco Skillet

While looking for something for me to eat tonight, I came across a seasoning mix in a liquid pouch. The chef on it is one of my favorite Mexican cookbook authors Rick Bayless. It's all natural and the only thing I don't normally use that's in it is agave nectar. So I bought it, some chicken thighs, and a pack of corn tortillas. I don't make my own tortillas very often, I can never get them as thin, and the ones I get are really good. Now this isn't really a recipe as much as a review since I just followed the package directions (really easy) I did have to add just a little salt, and some hot sauce. It has a roasted pepper flavor, and I actually ended up having to share with my son (who ate a concoction of my mother in laws of hot dogs in tomatoes over mashed potatoes before I fixed mine) it wasn't bad at all, but could use just a bit more spice, if I make it again I'll probably add some fajita mix to the chicken while it browns. I should note that I have not been contacted by the manufacturer at all. Sorry the pics are fuzzy, had to use my phone since I'm at the in-laws (I don't like the hot dog stuff). Enjoy

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