Friday, December 30, 2011

yes 2 posts today.

Seeing as I have a nut allergy (insert joke here........hahah that's a good one) ok now back to this.I eat nuts my throat swells shut, real fun experience. Supposedly the cheap oils used at fast food places are fine (hot pressed is good cold is bad) I have eaten at the chicken place that uses it, and got sick, not as bad, but still a slight reaction. Same thing at the burger place everyone loves spending 15 bucks on a cheap burger and fries. Now my stomach issue may have contributed to my issues. I am also under the opinion that if you are allergic enough to a substance that may kill you, avoid it no matter how much the government says it should be ok. unless you just like playing Russian roulette, sorry not for me, enough food out there that can kill me for sure. How many of you have severe allergies to foods?  

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