Friday, December 30, 2011

Conecuh Sausage aka the best meat in a tube available

Conecuh is a hickory smoked sausage from a small town down here in Alabama
this is what we use when we say sausage at any time other than breakfast, and even then you are bound to get served some. It has some bite, but not so bad the kids don't eat it. My favorite is red beans and rice (recipe will follow) too bad I can't eat it anymore. It gets used in many dishes here, such as jambalaya, and gumbo, heck I've even had chicken and rice with it just recently. If they made a kielbasa I'd be in heaven, so for that I still have to hunt usually settle for hill shire farms since it's available. Sausage is pretty versatile add it to soups for a little flavor kick. There are other brands that are similar, but around here they all taste  decent, or like bologna. I like the fact that this comes from this area not all over the country, so quality is better. They do sell from their website as well. sorry have to google it since I am not an affiliate with them. Let's hear some of your favorite brands. I bet someone mentions Koegals and if they do, would they please send me a box of franks, and a jar of pickled bologna, I'm having withdrawals.

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  1. When you start getting older, you realize you can't eat all the salty and fatty sausage that you want. I could die - literally - for a Koegals Vienna! I have to make-do with an occasional Johnsonville Cheddar Turkey Brat - a lot less fat and calories.