Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now that I have a viewership or readership however that works.I am asking the readers about content.

I took an ambien about an hour ago, and so far walking is impaired a bit as is typing. Thankfully I have auto correct. If there are things you would like to see different please tell me, I am a novice, they yell at me on twitter for long Rants so on a blog I rarely need punctuation right? I do try and make it readable. I also understand my natural hair color shows in
My blondness on things. It's a work in progress, and I'd love it to be big and get people to really support the site, and maybe get some training on different cooking, or even food storage. Which is a target I will take on shortly, as I think we all need something, just a storm pack type thing is fine, here on the Gulf Coast we need more since power is out for weeks. What I am asking for is number 1 what changes need to be made, and what articles do readers want done. This can be a fun community thing, and of to scarred to wire tell me I'll right it,if great ill give some credit to you, if bad, well you'll get all of it just like like (I'm kidding)just help me with a direction for this place Money is not a factor yet, I am enjoying the free blog for now, if it starts to get to big I may have to take real ads besides the built in google ones. I'm excited to play with it, and hope others are too.A blog is useless if nobody ready it, so come design it, or give a topic to write about


  1. I write a Blog, too, but I only post to it once or twice a month and I don't advertise. I think if you are going to advertise, you need to post daily or at least weekly.

    You could do favorite recipes you remember from childhood. My sister-in-law just finished a heritage cookbook that included all her mother's recipes and those of other family members and friends. She also included pictures and stories. How about a fruit or vegetable of the month or maybe "Fruity Friday". Different ethnic recipes: Mexican in May for Cinco de Mayo, German food in October. Of course you can do holiday based recipes or seasonal recipes. January is coming up, it's cold in most places, soups and stews would be good. February is Valentine's Day, what would you serve for a romantic dinner? And don't forget something chocolately! Hope that gives you a few ideas. Good luck!

  2. With Lent coming in a little over a month I would love to see some good king cake recipes. I agree with Valentines day above as well. As far as the beginning of January, why not something to so with the left over ham, turkey? I always have more problems with figuring out how to make the meat we've been eating for more than a day our two still appetizing.

  3. Currently I blog for my dog,Prudence. Only because she has a lot to say. Keep true to your voice. I love to see recipes and gardening ideas!