Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vegetable storage

Since I did a big spiel about buying produce, I figure we need to also say something about storing it. Some things are fine stored on the counter, apples, bananas,citrus, pears are all fine on the counter for a while, putting them in the frige does extend their shelf life some also.  Fresh herbs should be stored in the frige wrapped in a damp paper towel, and put in a zip top bag. Lettuce should be refrigerated before washing (wash it just before you use it). Potatoes should be kept in a dark cool spot, but not with onions (onions will quicken the rot because of offgassing). Tomatoes should never be refrigerated, as it causes them to lose flavor. Onions also need a cool dark place, but not with other veggies. Mushrooms should be removed from the plastic wrap, and have a damp paper towel placed over them in the frige. Nothing should be stored wet (as a matter of fact that spray they do at the store actually hurts the veggies, not help, but it makes you think they are fresher yay marketing) there are a bunch of others, but this hits the highlights. I know I for one was storing potatoes and onions together, but we go through a ton of onions and potatoes.

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  1. I've been storing my onions and potatoes together but now will separate! Thanks for the lesson!