Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple juice, and horse meat

So today they announce that there is arsenic in apple juice. Well no kidding, I learned in school that apples contain arsenic, and formaldehyde, so  of course it's in the juice, the issue is the amounts, and it comes from the way they make the juice, they use the apple cores, which is where all the stuff is contained for the most part, plus they use apples that aren't perfect (aka not eating apples) what it should do is tell people to pay attention to your teacher.

Now my other news item I saw was about the ban of horse meat being lifted. I say it's about time, most other countries allow it. We have shipped meat to other countries, or it was just thrown away because it wasn't able to be eaten. I for one think if it's meat that won't cause harm (aka human) then why waste it? We have become so arrogant that we would rather waste something than use a "cute" animal. Who decided that a horse was better than a cow? I grew up on a farm with cows and horses, and I would much rather deal with cows, better behaved, smarter, and friendlier. The other issue you have is if someone gets a horse, and figures out just how expensive it is to own, they are now able to sell it for meat, which is much easier and faster than previously, and will help with abandonment issues.

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