Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buffalo chicken wings

My brother in law has an annual dinner for his birthday, he gets buffalo wings that his mother and I prepare. Takes a few hours ( we did 12 pounds today very little trimming) they then get treated like fried chicken with salt pepper, garlic, and flour. Fry them up until golden brown and remove to a drain pan while next batch cooks. Once they are all cooked and drained put them in a large bowl, put on some rubber gloves, and coat. If still warm let sit 30 minutes and recoat. The sauce I prefer is from moore's we buy it at the local market, and all the concoctions have failed to meet what it gives. Once fully covered let them sit a few minutes to bind (seem to taste better after setting ) serve with a bit of blue cheese dressing and extra milk. Great meal just takes us forever to fry up, and sure no pictures available. Hopefully in the near future i'll be doing the cooking in my apartment, so I may get to some images taken. I am posting this at 3:30 am after taking all me meds so I may be sluring my typing a bit, think of it even better than a drunk text, this is a medicated Mormon blog, so that it weird in its self. Hope everyone enjoys your days, and if you have something you want tried let me know I'm open to ruin a good idea(I just request the pointing and laughing is done not on the blog, maybe on Facebook)

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